Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where've I been!!!! I am glad to be back!

Pastor Jonny's Story - 

Since being diagnosed with epilepsy in 2011, Jonny has been involved with epilepsy organizations. He was also an alcoholic and went through a dark period leading to a tragic suicide attempt. At the time, he didn'
t want to accept the fact that he had epilepsy. Now 18 months sober/clean, and having gone through a life changing journey with rehabilitation, he is not only grateful for his second chance in life, but for his three kids whom he continues to see and continues to remain involved with the epilepsy community. As Jonny states, “Epilepsy has changed my life for the good in me.” In the last year Jonny's Team Barton has raised over $8,000 for The Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego. Since January Jonny's seizures have been uncontrolled due to a car accident. He has been in the care of several doctors and hoping for a resolution soon. Even though he takes these seizures good instead of bad, he still continues to stay positive.

Jonny also manages a sober living house and has close ties in the recovery community as well he is an ordained Recover Pastor. "I stay close to the ones that support me and also share the same ambition do staying sober & clean. I can't do this on my own." said Jonny.He has been a Ordained Pastor since 2005 and through his recovery he found a way to use it. Jonny is a Co-Founder of Redemption Ministries that reaches out to teens and adults who struggle with addiction. Jonny is excited to be back and apart of the Epilepsy Community. 

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