Monday, April 14, 2014

Fundraiser Coming to an End :(

Good Morning All,
Since being diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2011, I have vowed to do what I can to give back to our local communities and be an advocate for Epilepsy. Please support me and our TEAM BARTON as we raise awareness for epilepsy at the 15th Annual Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk on March 30th. (This is Team Barton’s 3rd year doing this event.)
Help me reach my goal of $2000. Together we raise support for children, families and adults living with epilepsy here in San Diego County. (Our original goal was $250, than surpassed that to $500 and surpassed that with a new goal of $1135 now)
Please make a contribution today, no amount is too small. 
To contribute or join Team Barton please click the following link - 


More than 300 thousand Youths and Teens in the United States are living with Epilepsy and 45 thousand new cases each year. Therefore, raising awareness about the realities of Epilepsy is the single most important factor in removing the stigma and fear associated with this condition. Your donation will provide effective and improved programs for Youths and Teens Living with Epilepsy.
THANK YOU for your support as we lead the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy.

Your involvement helps support care, advocacy and education, today, while investing in research and hope for tomorrow.
Please join me and register as a member of Team Barton. If you are not able to join my team, please consider making a donation supporting my participation!! Ever little bit counts
Thank you dearly for your support and eagerness just to take the time to know what we are all about. 
One Day at a Time,
Jonny Barton, Captain of Team Barton

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