Thursday, September 13, 2012

How I am doing Update

So just wanted to share that since I have been on my new meds that I haven't had any seizures or dizziness!!!

The new meds also have taken me out of that medicated funk I was in while on. So I am glad to be off of it as I feel like myself again.

I return to Cali right before the 26th for my doctors appt with my Nuro and since I have been doing good I should be fully released to return to work on Oct 1st.

I have been enjoying my rest and relaxation while here in Az with JT and Marlo and my god kids. But I am look forward to coming back to see my kids and have a whole new perspective on things. I know it will be one day at a time, but I think that's what I will need.

I am dealing with some personal issues right now and I have been given such a reality check that I still have a lot of self exploring to do and support I need as well as getting my own place of some sort and just have to be patient with this whole process.

That's me in a nutshell right now, I hope you all are in good health as well.

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