Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LOA - What????

So this morning started out interesting. I get a phone call from our 3rd party vendor that handles my companies LOA's and FMLA's.

I was in the process of getting my FMLA paperwork finished and apparently they never received my 2nd fax and they called me to informed me me that my request for an FMLA request was denied.

As a result I have been placed on Medical Leave of Absence and have to have a bunch of paperwork filled out again. File with EDD, Call my HR Department  and get my short term disability information as well. I am gonna have to jump through hoops this next week to get all these files together and get them to my company and EDD filed asap cause we all know how long that takes.

So this I am hoping the time off will be a stress free and restful one so I can leave this on going storm behind me.

So between the new dosage of depakote and sleeping pills, we stii jowmtj

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