Monday, July 16, 2012

Trying times....but pushing through

Whew, the last week has been exhausting to say the least. Last Saturday I woke up with the stomach flu and spent all weekend and Monday & Tuesday home. I was kinda relieved that I was home sick with the flu instead of being out because of another seizure. But the week carried on to get worse and yesterday morning I was rolled over onto my back by Emilee as after I showered for work an was getting ready I collapsed in our room and had a gran mal seizure. I don't remember any of it or right before it. This one proved to be probably the worst one yet and it took me awhile to come out of it and I just didn't feel right. I then told Em I need to go to the ER. The last several days I had been having issues with staying hydrated and wasn't able to keep anything in food or fluid wise. I was beyond fatigued. So we went to the ER and on the way I had a petite seizure. The next thing I really remember is sitting in a wheelchair Being asked all types of questions. They quickly got me in a room, and got blood work done right away. My head was killing me at this point and I got some Motrin.

The doctor came back with my results showing I was dehydrated and my kidney levels were high. That's the 3rd blood test I have had with high results but this one we higher. At this point I was feeling better but tired. They then advised me that my depakote level was low, that's my seizure med that I have been on for the last month and a half. I am no longer on Topamax and am happy about that. So they released me and advised to see my PP and Nuro.

Since it was early I called my Nuro when they opened and was able to get in right away and it was recommend to up my current dosage. He was also worried about my kidney levels and strongly advised I go see my primary and get a referral to a kidney specialist. So I now have an appt on Tuesday with my primary. That was the soonest I could get in.

So now the fun part, wth is going on with my kidneys now? Like I need another health issue right now?!?!? They don't think it's an infection because the test results are getting higher each time over the last 3 months.

So sitting here I am reflecting on how I am constantly thirsty and always feel parched. I stared researching online and found some major side affect from Topamax and ending up with kidney issues. So now I am wondering if it's been that medication I was on causing this? I don't know because even before I ever started taking it I was always parched and thought it was because of my IBS.

So this morning I am having some pain in my left back side again, different from my usual back pain and found blood in my urine this morning. Good thing I am going to my doctors tomorrow so I can go over all this with him.

Today I find myself struggling to stay positive about things, but it's coming to a point that it's so exhausting with all of this physically and mentally and it's affecting my job.

As I am sitting here on my lunch break I am just completely wiped out already today. Must keep pushing forward.......


Anonymous said...

Feeling parched all the time is also a tell-tale sign of diabetes. Have they eliminated that possibility?

Jonny Barton said...

Yes I have been tested and am not diabetic. Thanks