Thursday, July 26, 2012

Test results and another seizure today

So here's an update. I got a call from my doctor yesterday and found that my kidney's are working fine! WOOT!!! That was such awesome news, I was really worried about it. The bad news is that my uric acid is still really high and my depakote levels were low again just like the hospital even after having my dosage raised by an additional 500mg.

So my doctor is going to consult with my nuro and they may have to put me on a higher dosage. So we shall see what happens.

So with the new dosage I have been doing fine until this morning a couple hours after I was at work I feel an on set coming on and had a couple co workers mentioned that I had a dead stare and I started losing thought and focus, Shortly afterwards to became very dizzy and just couldn't concentrate. So I took one of my night meds and since it makes groggy, I left and grabbed the next train home.

On a good note, I received my new medical bracelet which has "Epilepsy" engraved on it. I am super happy to have one now and not have to worry in public of something happening since I have an ID now showing my condition

So I am home, extremely tired but can't seem to fall asleep. Em and the kids are gone and I am just relaxing and getting caught up on Dexter for a bit.

I will definitely be going to bed early tonight

Hope all is well with you guys.

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