Monday, July 23, 2012

“Love Your Brain Now” - A Tour to End Epilepsy

I am looking forward to this event and am excited to hear that this bus will be coming through Riverside!!!

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles is launching a Bus Tour -- “LOVE YOUR BRAIN NOW” which will travel around California. The “Love Your Brain Now” Tour is a unique and creative platform for expanding awareness about the role of the brain and the importance of protecting and caring for the brain in our fight to END EPILEPSY.

Now, here’s the Bus Tour Challenge…

We invite all Walk participants to accept the “Love Your Brain Now” Bus Tour Challenge!
The challenge is simple -- raise $5,000 between now and October 1st and we will:
  • Add your Name or Team Name to the bus wrap
  • Recognize your support in the Tour updates
  • Arrange a ‘photo op’ of you/your team with the bus
  • Try to visit your neighborhood as we travel California! 
By accepting the Bus Tour Challenge you are showing the community that it is time to promote awareness about the brain and epilepsy.

FAQ About the Bus Tour Challenge

What is the Tour Bus Challenge?
This challenge is for everyone participating in the 2012 Walk to End Epilepsy. The Tour Bus will be wrapped in vinyl with the Tour’s logo and theme, ‘Love Your Brain Now - A Tour to End Epilepsy’. We want to include your Walk Team name on the bus wrap so we can “take you on the road with us.” Thus, every individual or Team that raises at least $5,000 for the Walk will be recognized on the wrap of the ‘Love Your Brain Now’ Bus – but you need to raise at least $5,000 by October 1st so the wrap can be designed with your name!
Are there other ways I can support the Tour Bus?
Yes, you can also support the Tour by inviting your employer or a company (companies) you know to sponsor the Tour. Please also consider that some companies match the donations of their employees. To get more information, please download the Tour Sponsor Information and Response Forms to share. You and your company can complete the Response Form to indicate an interest in sponsoring the Tour with a matching gift, inkind donation, grant, and/or charitable donation. This will count towards the Challenge and your team and the corporate sponsor will be recognized on the Tour Bus wrap.
Do I or my donors have to be in California to raise money for the Tour Bus Challenge? 
No, we’re well aware that many of you have family members outside of California who will sponsor you and that some will participate as virtual Walk teams. The challenge is simply to raise awareness and funds to reach a goal of at least $5,000 to support the Tour.
What is the schedule of the ‘Love Your Brain Now’ Tour? When will it start?The Tour will launch from the Rose Bowl during the Walk to End Epilepsy on Sunday, October 28, 2012. The Tour will conclude in Los Angeles on December 7thafter participating at the American Epilepsy Society annual meeting in San Diego from December 4-6. The preliminary Tour schedule can be downloaded here, and the dates and locations are subject to change.
What is the main purpose of the Bus Tour?
The main purpose of the Tour is to demystify epilepsy. In order to do so, we’ve decided to educate people about the brain to promote prevention and early intervention to help END EPILEPSY. The key messages we will be delivering are: (1) protecting the brain can prevent traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic epilepsy, and (2) early intervention to care for the brain can help reduce seizures.
What kinds of activities will you offer? 
At every stop we will be hosting activities for the whole family to enjoy and learn abut the brain. The Tour team will engage the general public at major public events, malls, schools and businesses, epilepsy related organizations, clinics, and via social media. We’ve partnered with the Dana Alliance to provide take home materials about brain safety, preventative measures and brain health. More specifically the Tour will (1) Share educational videos; (2) Distribute “Love Your Brain Now” Action Kits; and (3) Promote and participate in events to raise awareness and funds along the way.
Will you have any materials in Spanish?
How can I help the Tour in addition to raising money?There are definitely ways you can be involved to support the Tour to be as successful as possible in your town. If you are interested in being a community liaison for the Tour, please contact
How can I raise $5,000 before October 1?
Browse the Team Captain's Corner for more fundraising tools and tips! 

For more information please go to

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