Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pay It Forward Through Anyway You Can

Good Morning to you all, this morning I want to agree the importance of paying it forward in life. Most of the time it doesn't cost anything but being there and a bit of your time.

I am a big advocate of this and try each and every single day to go out of my way to help someone who can really need it. It could be such a small thing to you yet be such a big gesture to the other person. Your reward, it's nothing material other than the sheer good feeling in your heart for doing something for another.

This morning I stopped off at Circle K for some coffee and water and when in line a little girl, maybe in High School was in line to buy a soda and a cup of noodles and pull out her wallet and began to cry as she realized she had no money and said to the cashier her brother keeps taking her money. She mentioned her brother was allot older. I felt bad as this appeared to be her breakfast and he brother had to drop her off very early on his way to work.

She went to put her items back and I grabbed them and looked at her and said that I will buy them this morning and that she needed to eat. She began crying and asked my why I was doing that and I expressed to her that it's not gonna cost me much and that by me doing that for her to pay it forward today to someone that she sees that needs help any form, pay it forward.

To me it only caused me under 3 bucks to make sure this high school kid good something to eat to make it thru till lunch, theses kids are our future and shouldn't have to worry about having their money being stolen by anyone, especially family. Even though I don't have control over that I had control of making sure she was abl to eat this morning.

My point in sharing this is to let you all know there is so much more we all can do in this world to help others I'd we just did so little with little gestures as they go so far!!!

Pay It Forward!!!

Much Love,

The Rev

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