Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just an Update on my Epilepsy and a few other things...

I had a petite seizure at work this week where I became dizzy and spaced out and luckily I had my meds with me to take and after about 30 minutes I felt better but very tired and groggy and was sent home. Tomorrow is my last day on topamax and will be fully on my new meds and I hope that the transition over will be a successfull one and will will see improvement with my seizures. How are all of you with yours??? I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to getting this under control to get my license back. But one day at a time right now and I know I still have a long journey till I can get my DL back. But I pushing through it with the support of Emily and my daughter who just seems to amaze me how supportive they both are with all of this. Even my oldest son is starting to understand what's going on and he's only 4!

I am getting ready to do the 1st Annual Jurupa Valley 5k this Saturday morning at 6am with Emmy and Kaitlynn. We all will be meeting up with some other friends that will be doing it as well, it should be allot of fun.

We also picked up Kk and have her for 11 straight days!!! We are so happy about this!!!

So that's currently what's been going on. Work has been super busy, so that's job security.

I am curious on something for all my readers out there, do you consider yourselves handicapped because of your Epilepsy or just someone with a disability in life? I am interest in people's thoughts on this, so please comment on this

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