Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting by with nothing but time

I know many of you read my blog yesterday and was concerned on my well being and honesty on how I was feeling, but let me be truthful and state that it's been a very hard week for me in many aspects and even though I had a hard last couple of days, I WILL Not let my condition and mentality of this depression consume me. Don't get me wrong, I know I wear my heart on my sleeve and love to express how I feel to all degrees, it's a passion for me to vent and openely discuss how I am doing and that's why I have this blog, but I will not let any of this over power me and hold me down forever.

I can admit that there maybe times that I may be knocked down, that I may need a helping hand, or a shoulder, and through this all I have known nothing but the greatest of friends and family who have done nothing but support and be there for me and I love that and I could only hope that I can return the same in any needs of you in a moment of weakness or despair.

I know that I am only human and with that, I can only do so much to control what goes on with my life and I have to understand that and be ok with that.

I thought while I was on leave from work that I got past being "Epileptic" and this week I realized that I haven't and it's something I obviously am still working through and that's ok. I will get there. One day at a time and one moment of time will proceed nothing but forward for me. I still have allot to learn and with that, I have the time to learn how to manage this.

I love you guys and appreciate all the support I am receiving and couldn't be more thankful for the life that I am surrounded in.

Hi, I am Jon Barton, and I have Epilepsy!!!

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