Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Purple Day was a Success!! Thank you all

I just wanted to personally thank to all who participated in Monday's Purple Day to spread Awareness for Epilepsy by wearing purple to work, and appreciated seeing it while at my own work and from my friend at their jobs and around their communities. It really meant allot to me and I am very thankful for it. I even know people out of state that did it and one person from India who participated. It truly made my day. So here are all the pics from Monday that I took and from the ones friends send me. Enjoy and thanks again everyone!!!!!

It was awesome to receive so many pictures from everyone!! I was asked several times why I was wearing Purple and I was happy to answer and spread the awareness and also share my story. I can't even imagine how many people across america got to share their story to co workers, friends, and even strangers on Monday. I am defintely looking forward to this event again next year. I plan to promote it longer and stronger than I did this year.

Once againk that you to all those that wore Purple for this cause. It truly meant allot to me and my family. Even my boys and daughter got involved.

Kaitlynn managed to get a bunch of her friends from her 6 grade class to participate.

Em got the boys matching Zombie shirts from Target and they looked adorable in them.

And my wonderful woman got into the spirit to support this cause with me 

I just recently signed up for a 5k walk/run for the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego for next month April 15th. I registered as a Team Captain and am looking for either people to register as team mates to join the walk with me, or to support and contribute and donate tot he team. I set a goal of $500 as a team pledge which his highly doable. I will be posting more information about that soon. The team name is "Team Barton" I choose to do this walk for several reasons, for myself, others w/ Epilepsy and for my cousin Callie. She is little kid who was diagnosed in 2010 and has several a night in her sleep. So as the team captain, I will be finding out who is registering and will be sending our a group email later this week. Have a great week everyone!!!!!!

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