Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Dizziness???

So it's been over a week since my last post. I went and saw my doctor to discuss my concerns of the dizziness I was having and how bad it was. My doctor believed that it was actually small "triggers" of a seizure starting and ending quickly. These made me lose focus and sometimes lost my focus of thought. He urged me that I needed to go up on my dosage of meds back to the 100mg and highly recommended that before switching to a different medication since the medication I am now on won't have me gain weight as most of epilepsy medications do that.

So since I have been on my new dosage it took a few days to adjust but and had 2 days of major dizziness, but after that it's been gone for the last 5 days. :) So that is great news. But with the newer dosage, the doctor wants me on it for a month and extended my LOA by another 4 weeks. I will be returning to work on March 19th. He wants to know that I will be able to return to work with no issues what so ever especially since I will be taking the train and walking to the station. So looks like more time to adjust and time to spend with Em and the kids.

I also have lost 31pds since November and I am very happy about that. I am also hoping with this extra time to continue my walks and maybe start jogging if my back improves. But that's a whole other issue as the meds didn't seem to do anything for my back so I see the specialist again in 2 weeks. Here is a new picture of me and you can really see in my face how much I have lost.

I am so stoked though about the weight loss, but I still feel lazy and really need to dig down and eat better to really make something last out of this. I am also hoping if all goes well that I can get my DL back in June or July. So that's my health update. Still making a lot of progress and loving it and making good strides.

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Anonymous said...

Jon, Keep up the good work on your diet. Proud of you!!...from your co-worker in purple