Saturday, February 4, 2012

MRI results from my Back

So this last Thursday I went and saw Dr Shoji in Riverside to get the results of my MRI I had on my lower back. As some of you may know I have had suffered from chronic back pain for years now and as I get older it gets worse.

It started when I got injured in the Army and had 2 good accidents when I worked at Ganahl Lumber. Since I am on LOA I talked to my doctor more about it and since the car accident in December it's gotten worse and he reffered me to a back specialist/surgeon to finally get someone to look at it. Had the MRI done and went Thursday to get the results.

The doctor informed me that from the middle of my spine all the way down I have arthiritis and that's not common for a guy my age but considering the accidents and that I have gone untreated for some many years that's why it's there. As for any injured discs, there are a couple that are 'bulging' due to the artiritis but that is going to be healed with some medication. The good news is that there will be no need for me to have surgery and that is something we are happy to hear!!!

The doctor is putting me on 2 medications. One is called Methylprednisolone which is a steroid that I will be on the next 6 days to help with the arthritis in my spine and that should help take care of that. This medication is used to treat severe allergies, arthritis, asthma, and skin conditions.

The other medication I will be on is Naproxen 500mg to help with the osteoarthritis. I am finally glad that I got in to a specialist to get some treatment for my back. Hopefully this improves everything and I will be more mobile in the future, especially with the kids. :)

I will have to have another MRI in about 2 months to see the results of this treatment. So keep your fingers crossed that it helps.


Stephen Schaunt said...

Good luck on your MRI results. I'm glad you survived the accident. Sometimes, it takes events like this for us to realize how valuable life is. I'm so glad you're getting better, Jonny.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it feels like if it isn't one thing it is another. I am stoked about your weight loss because that has got to help your epilepsy and your keep it up....from your coworker in purple