Thursday, January 26, 2012

I found my energy!!!

It's been a bit since I have last updated. I have actually been pretty busy. The last 4-5 days I have seemed to bounce out of my funk and feel better as each day goes by. I feel my energy coming back day to day which is making me feel great. I have been busy working in our garage setting up/creating a work area for me for my computer work/projects. I call it my computer lab. :) It's kinda like my man cave as Emilee calls it.

I recently followed up with my Primary about the CT scan that presented "Osteophyte protrusion" on my scan and he reconized that there is an issue with my back finally and is referring me to a back specialist FINALLY! So today I had an MRI done on my lower spin and that was hell. It was a closed one and I went in head first all the way in. At least it was only 30 minutes long this time, but I do not like not being able to move and being in such a small space. Hopefully that's the last MRI I have to have done for a while. I received a copy of the MRI and bring the results to the specialist next Thursday to the specialist to review at my first appointment. I am excited to finally be seeing a professional for my back.

Since I have been more active lately it's allowed me to be more active with the kids and today I spent a good 35 minutes walking up and down the block with Jacob as he rode his bike and it was a blast.

I plan on taking the boys on a good walk tomorrow as the weather has been awesome the last couple days.

They are growing so fast and spending time with them is so important to me right now. Samething goes for Kaitlynn. She is growing up way to fast and is at that age that she is always getting invited to do stuff on the weekends with her friends and she's starting to make decisions on her own on what weekends she comes to visit. We traded a weekend so we won't see her for the next 2 weekends so I am bummed out but it's ok. We get her pretty much her whole spring break this year. She sent me this picture earlier because she received her Valentines Day gift from me in the mail since I didn't know if we would see her before hand. I got her a new neckalace and it looks so pretty on here.

So I can't wait till we have her again I miss her very much already. She's doing great in school and is working on raising money for a Science Camp coming up in school that is in March in Lake Arrowhead. She is very excited about it. We are going to make sure she gets the funds to go. Science is her favorite subject just as it was mine.

I have taken to my new meds finally and feel loads better. I haven't had a seizure since 01/17/12 and I am happy about that. I have also lost 20 pounds and am really trying to cut back on caffine right now. It's a work in progress, but I am eating better and trying to get good rest.

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