Monday, January 30, 2012

Lazy Customer Service Rep at EDD

Today was a good day. I went and had lunch with a dear friends dad Wes who also is currently on LOA after having wrist surgery. We went to In & Out and sat outside and the weather was great today. It's always great to visit with Wes. We both talked about what we have been doing while on LOA to keep busy and so on. It was nice to get out of the house and visit with a friend.

After I got back I had to contact EDD to get someone on the line to find out why my zip code when entered in the automated system was showing incorrect. After waiting 20 minutes on hold, I get a rep that answers without   stating his name. His opening line was "What do you want?". I should have just asked for someone one else right then and there. I informed him of the issue I was having and asked to make sure my zip code in the system was correct. He verified that it is correct and I asked him why its stating that its incorrect over the automated systems. He stated that I probably entered it wrong, so I told him to transfer both of us into the line and I will show him. Well he cold transferred into the line and released his line. So that was it. Stupid jerk. So I entered my zip code and bam, still stating it was incorrect.

I called back and held for another 30 minutes and got another rep and she was kind and I informed her the issue, she has me verify my info, and she informed me that my zip code was incorrect in the system and she updated it and even called with me on the line to verify together that the zip code entered via the automated line is correct and it was.

I just don't see how hard it can be for people to do their jobs after they are trained and paid to do it. Especially for something that was so easy to fix. The rep I spoke to the 2nd time followed Customer Service skills to the T from my years of doing Customer Service and I commended her for it because it's seldomely seen anymore.

That's one thing I love about my job, is that when I have a customer on the phone, they are my customer and they are mine until the issue/problem is resolved. One Call Resolution is my main focus. I hate when a customer has to call back a 2nd time to get something fixed. I guess I am different though from others.

It seemed like I was an burden to that guy I spoke to today, as if I was interrupting him at home or something. It's like come on dude, it's your job. He gets a thumbs down and a frown face from me today!!

So after that was fixed, I was able to verify that EDD has received my paperwork at least. So it should approx 5-7 more business days till I get my first check according to the 2nd rep I spoke to. Correction, it won't be a check, they do a debit card now. At least they are doing stuff to improve the process of getting people paid in a faster time period. I did find this site today however and see that I am not alone with issues with them.

EDD Sucks

I am just glad to know they have my paperwork as I was getting worried that my Dr's office staff never mailed it. So that's a relief. I am feeling really good today. Went on another walk this morning with Jacob. Just a small one but he had a blast along the way.

Jacob loves to wear his Fire Helmet and boots everywhere lately. It's just too dang cute walking down the street and he's saying hi and waving to everyone that we see. He's such a ham!

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