Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can't sit still today

I just can't sit still today. My body hasn't realized yet that I have 6 weeks off, so I have this feeling that I have to constantly be doing something to get things done.

I fixed my laptop and computer. Replaced the front porch light. Also fixed all the outlets and back porch light by replacing 1 outlet in the house that they all tied into. Feeling very handy around the house today. Looking at using the small part of the garage for my Tech Bench for my Project/Hobbies.

Also cleaning around the garage and house. Got ride of a damaged couch and I already starting planning Emilee and Kaitlynn's Valentine's Day present. :) Speaking of Kaitlynn, I can't wait to see her tomorrow as we get to have her till Monday, 3 full nights! I am so stoked and ready to spend some time with her

I still got some paperwork to go through, yet now I am finding myself not motivated to do it untl tomorrow as the boys are taking naps and I kinda want to chill for a bit. And play online but now as I am typing this I hear Ty Ty sneaking up behind me. Silly boy. Someone is trying to skip his nap today.

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